Lara Americo is a Artist, Activist, and Musician who’s focus is gender identity and body image.

Her speaking topics include:

The Illusion of Gender

Gender is taught, not innate. If you can release yourself from those teachings, you can express your masculinity and femininity that reflects who you really are. Attendees will learn how to assert themselves and learn how to accept other people’s fluid gender identities.

Toxic Masculinity

Lara speaks from personal experience dealing with poisonous behavior and toxic masculinity. She describes the experiences of being a transgender woman forced into masculine roles. How our culture of toxic masculinity is harming both men and women in our society. Attendees will learn the definition of this societal construct and how we can go beyond it in our daily lives.

Spanish and Indigenous in Colonial USA

Lara speaks on her experiences as an indiginous Latinx transgender woman living in American culture. Learning spanish as a second language and being afraid to speak it. She also speaks on being mixed with both indiginous and Colonial ancestors.

The Effects of Hormones on the Human Body

Lara talks about the effects of Hormones on the human body and speaks on having two separate puberties.

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